Oh the pointlessness!

Today, Anders was hard at work with perfecting the logging of a system we're building in Node.js. At one point, he (jokingly) said: -"Why isn't there a console.alert()?

Well, now there is: https://github.com/JohanObrink/console.alert

║                          ║
║   The terminal says:     ║
║       Hello World!       ║
║                ╔════╗ ║
║                ║  OK  ║  ║
║                ╚════╝ ║

Mission accomplished!


Johan Öbrink

Started programming on my VIC 20 in 1982. Programmed JavaScript, Java, ActionScript, C# and then some. Love TDD, XP and agile development. Enjoy talking (a lot), building drones and playing with LEGO.

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